From Seville to Algarve surfing with Boisset Brothers

Boisset Brothers
Boisset Brothers
Alex and Mikel, the Boisset brothers from Barcelona are natural born adventurers with a passion for travel and sustainability.
4 days
4 days
Adventure Beach Roadtrip Surfing

Four-day route from Seville to the Algarve, exploring the most beautiful corners and surfing on beaches surrounded by huge cliffs.

Algarve comes from Arabic and means "the land where the sun sets". Beautiful land in the south of Portugal that has become a sun and beach destination for many tourists.
Keep any space you use clean. Bring a trash bag to clean every spot you go to.
Benagil Caves are awesome, you can rent a Kayak for 15€ per person and reach the caves.
Algarve comes from Arabic and means "the land where the sun sets". Beautiful land in the south of Portugal that has become a sun and beach destination for many tourists.
Keep any space you use clean. Bring a trash bag to clean every spot you go to.
Benagil Caves are awesome, you can rent a Kayak for 15€ per person and reach the caves.

Seville to Algarve in 4 days


Journey Seville

Arrival in Seville

We arrive at Seville Airport, we decide to fly early to make the most out of the day. Check-in at Indie Campers is at 11 o'clock, so we have time to get to the airport, have a quick breakfast and rent the Camper Van.

Camper van rental

Rent the Indiecampers Van

Once rented, a good route awaits us. We decide to start at the Algarve point and then we'll gradually make our way back to Seville, where we'll be flying back from in 4 days.

Today's goal? To see the sunset over the Atlantic this evening. We have 250km to go so there is no time to lose. We take the A-22 out of Seville in the direction of Sagres and start driving.

The driving is pleasant, as the scenery is changeable. From sunflower fields to marshy areas or some bits by the ocean."

Sagres journey

Sunset in Sagres

We arrive in Sagres mid-afternoon, it's time to look for a good beach, with few people, where we can spend the afternoon and watch the sunset. With a bit of luck, we will find some waves and we will be able to enjoy a surf session with the sunset over the ocean.

We recommend that you choose a good place to park and spend the night. The Portuguese government has become a bit stricter with the Camper Vans issue and controls more the car parks near the beach. In our case, we slept near Belize beach and had no problems, although if it's windy it's better to look for a sheltered spot.

Pro tip: If you take a little detour from the asphalt roads and go down some sandy paths, you can find very good spots where you can spend the night. "


Seville Algarve surf

Surf as alarm clock

We wake up, and the first thing we do is jump into the water for an early morning surf in Belize. Perfect conditions, crystal clear water, and absolutely nobody on the beach. It's 8 a.m. and we have already had our first surf session.

As we couldn't do any shopping the day before, we decide to go to Lidl. It's a good option, it's close to Sagres and has a lot of vegan options. Our essential breakfast consisted of oatmeal, fruit, nuts, and vegetable milk to keep us energized all morning.

Surf camper van in Algarve, Portugal

Exploring the wildest beaches of the Algarve

We are going to try to surf the northern part of the Algarve and enjoy its amazing beaches, so we drove along some of the roads that run along the west coast next to the cliffs. Our choice was Praia Do Castelejo. We were on our own, enjoying the scenery and the pleasant temperature. We made ourselves some salad bowls with some of the food we bought. Chickpea salad, with onion, tomato, avocado, and nuts.

In the afternoon we decide to go surfing again but this time on another beach, the waves are a bit bigger so we go back to the Sagres area as it is more sheltered. It's perfect for us to spend the night again in this area because in the morning we want to move to the south area to do some of the activities there.

Pro tip: if there is a storm in the west and the waves are too big, we recommend going to the Sagres area, where it is more sheltered from the storm and you can enjoy cleaner conditions and smaller waves.

Surf camp in Algarve, Portugal

Dinner and bedtime

We dined like kings at this Indian restaurant that offers a lot of vegan options. A good protein-packed dinner is a must after a full day of surfing.

It's 23:00, time to look at some of the photos we've taken during the day and go to sleep, tomorrow we have a long day ahead of us!


Benajil caves

Exploring Benagil

We have to wake up early, there is no time to surf as we want to get to the Benagil caves as soon as possible. It's about an hour from Sagres. If you go in a van, go early, as parking is difficult and the only car park there is limited to a height of about 2.20m. In our case we parked in a little street in the residential area, 3 minutes walk from the beach.

You will see that the beach is not very beautiful, as it is focused on boat rentals. And that's where we are going. We hire a couple of kayaks for 30€ each. We have 2 hours to explore the caves which are not accessible on foot, only from the sea.

We wanted to come early as from 10:00 am this becomes a tourist attraction, with dozens of boatloads of people going in and out of the cave non-stop.
Luckily, we were able to enjoy some peace. It is a magical place, where you can even do a bit of meditation and watch the rays of light filtering through the zenithal hole.
Once we saw that it started to fill up with tourists, we decided to do other activities, such as a bit of rock climbing at the entrance to the cave or cliff jumping from one of the cliffs.

Pro tip: There is a perfect spot for jumping if you follow the stairs to the right of the beach where we rented the kayaks.

Sagres Algarve

Sagres from the top of the cliffs

It's 2:00, and we decide to prepare one of our salads again, to keep our energy up for the afternoon. It's time to explore the rugged Sagres coastline but this time from land. We have a location in mind from where to see the Sunset, so we head to Praia da Marinha.

There you will find a car park to park, and then it's a matter of walking along the cliffs and looking for a good spot to enjoy the sunset. We chose this one."

Surf camper van in Algarve, Portugal

Sleeping at the foot of the Atlantic

And now comes the fun part. The coast is very beautiful, but to sleep, you have to look for places further away. We wanted to sleep by the sea, so we started looking for paths and possible open spaces near the cliffs, where we could access with the camper van. In this case, we found a shy dirt road through some bushes, which we could use to reach an incredible location. There was still some light left, so we decided to take some more pictures and have a light dinner. In this part, you can see quite a few stars if the day is clear.

We slept peacefully, with no one around and the sea at our feet.


Algarve has waterfalls too: Pozas do Diablo

Today we woke up a little later, it is our last day but we were tired of all the activities of the previous days.
We have breakfast and activate the GPS towards one of our last destinations:
Pozas do Diablo.

We found this little pond after doing a little search on Google Maps. We did not expect it at all, we arrived and we were almost alone. There are a couple of rocks to jump from and a rope to swing and jump into the water.
What had to be an hour ended in two hours of jumping and enjoying this small spring.

Sunflowers field

Technical stop at the sunflowers

Now we were racing against the clock. We got back in the van and headed for the last village of the trip, to have lunch and see the salt flats, but this time from the car, otherwise we wouldn't get to the airport in time.

On the way to Seville, we just passed an incredible field of sunflowers that we had seen on the way there, so we stopped to take some last photos of the trip before ending it.

Surf camper van in Algarve, Portugal

Check Out and back to the airport

Once in Seville, we checked out of our IndieCamper and ordered a taxi to the airport (about 20€).

We realized that sometimes you can find paradise without going to the other side of the world, in this case, we had it closer to home than we imagined.

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Before you travel

  • Bring comfortable shoes to walk, hike, swim and visit all kind of terrains. If you like to surf, we recommend bring your own board becaue you will find nice spots during the trip.
  • Watch out for mosquitoes, especially at sunset, they come out in their thousands so don't forget your repellent.
  • Check where you park the van, there are places where you can be fined. We recommend the app: park4night to check if you can park during the night.
Surf camper van in Algarve, Portugal

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Journey created by
Boisset Brothers
Journey created by

Boisset Brothers

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