Malta, Explore This Hidden Gem from the Bottom to the Top in 5 Days

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5 days
5 days
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Malta is an extremely beautiful country in the Mediterranean Sea that we had the pleasure to explore from the bottom to the top. In this itenery, we will take you through fishing villages, miracle churches that survive bombs, cliffs that will leave you speechless, Gozo, and even the home of Popeye himself.

Capital city Valletta, was the first ever planned city in Europe.
Malta ranked 4th most environmentally friendly country in 2021.
Malta has a reputation as a diving hotspot and is a walker’s paradise.
Capital city Valletta, was the first ever planned city in Europe.
Malta ranked 4th most environmentally friendly country in 2021.
Malta has a reputation as a diving hotspot and is a walker’s paradise.

Malta, Explore This Hidden Gem from the Bottom to the Top in 5 Days


Beautiful Streets of Valletta

Tiny but mighty Valletta has a lot more to offer than one may think. We recommend you start from Triton Fountain and head through the City Gate. The first thing you notice is the Parliament on Malta. This is a very controversial building, even UNESCO questioning the city's title as a World Heritage Site because of it.
Keep heading down Republic Street and stop at Amorino Gelato, for the best ice cream in the country! Kir Royal Café is our go-to coffee shop!

St. John’s Co-Cathedral

In the middle of the city, you will see St. John’s Co-Cathedral filled with marble tombs, gold, and European masters. When you visit, look especially closely at the figures painted next to each column and you might notice an optical illusion.
Near the cathedral, go to Caffe Cordina, founded in 1837, to pick up some local pastries for your next stop.

Upper Barrakka Gardens

Head to the Upper Barrakka Gardens next! Every day at noon, you can see them shoot cannons here. It’s a perfect place to rest your feet after a long walk through the city. Full of beautiful sculptures, benches, flower beds, and a breathtaking view of the Three Cities.


Marsaxlokk — Boats With Eyes

Marsaxlokk is the biggest fishing village in Malta, which still keeps the tradition of luzzu. Luzzus are these brightly colored fishing boats that create a picture-perfect scene on the beautiful and clear Mediterranean Sea.
There is quite a lot of superstition surrounding the luzzu, the most prominent of them are the pair of eyes on the front of the boat.
These eyes are believed to protect the fishermen from any harm while they are at sea and give them a safe return home.

Hike to St. Peter's Pool

St Peter's Pool from Marsaxlokk town centre which give you no indication of how far away this area is. It is quite a climb, probably around a mile from the town centre, but worth it once you get there, especially if you like swimming / clif-jumping.

Eat fresh catch

Marsaxlokk is a fishing village so it should come as no surprise that one of the best reasons to visit is to indulge at one of the many seafood restaurants in Marsaxlokk. We suggest Ta' Victor Restaurant but make sure to call them either a day before or early in the morning to book a table.


Poppey Village

Malta is known for many movie locations, but my favorite is Popeye Village. The whole village was built for the 1980's film where Robin Williams acted as Popeye.
Not only it's a great location for those with families but it's a unique stop where you can walk and explore the whole movie set, bring your swimming suit too because the water is clear and blue!
For the best pictures head to the Popeye Village Viewpoint which overlooks the whole village.


Mdina is the old capital of Malta. Its narrow streets only have a few inhabitants, but the fortified city located on a hill has a truly magical view of the whole island of malta.
Prepare to spend a half-day exploring the streets and finding great Instagramable locations all around town.

Mosta Rotunda

Just a short drive away you can also visit Mosta, which is home to a miracle church called Mosta Rotund. It is not only one of the biggest dome churches in the world but also arguably one of the prettiest! While here, make sure to go to the top of the church and also underneath to explore the WWII shelter.


Tal-Mixta Cave and Ramla Bay

According to the legend, this is the cave referred to by Homer in The Odyssey.
The cave essentially acts as a window for one of the grandest views you’ll ever see in Malta. Visitors flock to the cave to witness a breathtaking panorama of Ramla Bay, one of Gozo’s widest and most famous beaches.

Ramla Bay, meaning Red Beach in Maltese, is Gozo’s largest sandy beach with unique bright orange-red coloured sand and beautiful blue clear waters.
It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Malta.

Marsalforn and Salt Pans

Marsalforn, a picturesque fishing village turned beach resort, defies Gozo’s reputation as a sleepy island. You can enjoy the beach and the lively city, and within a few minute you can go to Xwejni Salt Pans where salt is still being produced today. The salt is still for sale here today and it makes for a great souvenir from Malta.


Another thing not to miss is Gozo’s capital city, Victoria which stands on a hilltop enclosed within an ancient citadel. The Citadel Originally planned and built to provide shelter for all the inhabitants of Gozo during the age of coastal piracy.


Azure Window and Dwejra Bay

Cliffs and countryside in gozo are absolutely amazing, although the famous Azure Window collapsed you can still visit Dwejra Bay and enjoy Fungus Rock and the clear blue waters.
The legend says Knights discovered a special kind of fungus on this rock. It was believed to have incredible medicinal properties and that such a precious plant had to be protected, so access to the rock was restricted and even watched by a guard!

Inland Sea Divesite

Inland Sea is a lagoon of about 60 m wide that connects to the Mediterranean Sea with an 80m long tunnel cave which has become a popular scuba dive site in Gozo. There is actually not much to see for divers in Inland Sea itself, but the Tunnel offers amazing diving experience.

Ta' Ċenċ Cliffs

The area consists of steep and rugged cliffs, which rise from sea level to a height of 120 m. It is a great place to meet the sunset or enjoy an afternoon hike. The cliffs are identified as an Important Bird Area because they support thousands of bird breeding pairs.

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Before you travel

  • Bring light and comfy clothes that you can walk around all day in and bring a water bottle to stay hydrated. Spending all day walking around the cities or exploring the nature can get very hot in the summer.
  • When booking accomodation in Valletta double check all the photos of the place, we ended up having to move as our first booking had no direct sunlight and felt very damp.
  • Public transporation is actually great here and not expensive so instead of renting a car you can try to use the bueses to get around the island.

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