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Daniel Illescas
My name is Dani Illecscas, and my two great passions are sports and traveling.
4 days
4 days
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I had long wanted to visit the island of Milos and discover its charms. On this trip, we went to one of the best-known Greek islands — which surprisingly, wasn’t that crowded. This island stands out for its crystal clear waters and white pebble beaches. It is the perfect place to travel to if you love swimming and going to the beach — but also love exploring adveturous spots. Allow yourself to be surprised by Milos.

The good thing about the island of Milos is that is small, so you can get to all the places in around 20 minutes by car.
"When you go to the coves and beaches, don't forget to pick up any litter you may find. Leave this place looking as if it has never been discovered.
Milos is the perfect island if you like diving and swimming it offers the most spectacular crystal clear beaches I have ever seen.
The good thing about the island of Milos is that is small, so you can get to all the places in around 20 minutes by car.
"When you go to the coves and beaches, don't forget to pick up any litter you may find. Leave this place looking as if it has never been discovered.
Milos is the perfect island if you like diving and swimming it offers the most spectacular crystal clear beaches I have ever seen.

Discover Milos, Greece in 4 days


Kleftiko beach in milos Greece

Kleftiko Beach

We woke up early to get ready to go to Kleftiko beach. We did the first part of the trip by car and we were shocked by the stones we found on the road, so be very careful! There comes a point that you can only access the beach either walking or by boat — we decided to walk. I advise you to go with proper footwear to be able to walk because if you go with flip flops, you can easily hurt your feet.

It is a great area for snorkeling and swimming in crystal clear waters, as well as for all the caves you can find — another plus is that you can find very few people. Remember to bring food and drinks as there is nothing around to buy. We didn't take any, but some kind people we stumble upon gave us some.

Plaka main town of Milos Greece


When the evening came we decided to go back to where we were staying, since we were very tired. We had gotten up very early that day to be able to go to Kleftiko beach and we forgot to bring food. We advise you to bring yours, as there are no places around to buy!

We were staying in Plaka, which is the main town of Milos. The town sits on a large rock overlooking the gulf of Milos. It is a very interesting place that is not acessible with vehicles can access the city, since the streets are super narrow and there is almost no space between the buildings. This is why only motorcycles, mopeds, and other types of transportation of this kind can get by.

Church in Plaka Milos island Greece

Church (Plaka)

As I said before we were super tired so we went to our accommodation. When it was time to watch the sunset, we went to a church located in Plakades, from where which were told you can watch the best sunsets. It is an impressive Orthodox Church whose complete name is Mother of God Korfiatissa Holy Orthodox Church.

They were not lying when they told us that we could see the most spectacular sunsets we would ever see in our lives. It is something that you must do in the island of Milos! After watching the sunset, we returned to our accommodation to rest and regain some energy — since the following day we would be heading out early.


Sarakiniko Beach in Milos island Greece

Sarakiniko Beach

Our day started around 5 am. We decided to get up very early so that we could watch the sunrise at Sarakiniko Beach. This beach is one of the most popualrs areas in Milos, as it is filled with stones and beautiful white sand. If you are willing to get up early, it is something you must do if you come to Milos.

It was a spectacular experience and it is worth getting up early to enjoy the views and the tranquility of this area that is usually so touristy. In this same area we also visited a sunken ship near the coast. You could only see the skeleton peeking through the waves, yet what we saw was enough to keep us mesmerized by the over all beauty of the scenery.

After watching the sunrise, we returned to Plaka to rest and exercise a bit.

Undersea in Milos Greece

Jumps on the cliffs of Sarakiniko

After resting for a while, having something to eat, and played sports — we went back around Sarakiniko to jump off the cliffs and swim for a while.

This day was spent mostly on the beach, swimming and just having fun. We highly recommend coming here if you like diving and jumping. It is always good to get that shot of adrenaline to start off the day energised, even better if you are able to get that in such a magical place like this one. I also advise you to rent a car to move around the island, it will help you move more easily from place to place.

Cathedral in Milos island Greece


Afterwards we went back to Plaka, to have something to eat and return to the church to watch the sunset. We just couldn’t get enough of the spectacular views, and we really think that we will never will. We also decided to take advantage of this day to take lots of pictures and videos of this stunning location. If you have the opportunity to go, it is a place you can not miss. You can go up to the top of the Venetian castle and see the city bathed by the sunset — until it gets dark. From there you can go for dinner somewhere around this area, and have a drink in one of the little corners of the charming city.

At last, we went to the hotel to rest and get some strength for the following days ahead.


South of Milos island Greece

South of Milos

We took this day to rest and relax. We headed to the southern part of the island of Milos where we rented a boat, to spend the day. I advise you to take one of these boats as you don't need any kind of license to drive them, and it different way to see the island of Milos. A 5-6 hour trip cost us 150€, which we consider is a good price when you are sharing it with several people. The goal for this day was very clear: rest and do some diving. It probably doesn’t seem like a very ambitious goal, but after some very busy days, we simply just wanted to relax.

Sykia Beach and Sykia Cave in Milos Greece

Sykia Beach and Sykia Cave

One of the places we stopped by on our boat trip was the beach of Sykia. There you can find the Sykia Cave (in Greek Σπηλιά της Συκιάς). It is an arch where only one boat can pass at a time, so it does require a bit of patience for waiting your turn. Another option is to dock at sea and enter through the cave swimming — which is what many people do — but as we had the boat with us we decided to enter with it. When you enter, it is hard to not be amazed by the enormity of the cave without a roof. You expect to find a covered cave and yet it is a big hole from which you can see the blue sky. Just when you think the island can't surprise you anymore, you find this spectacular work of natural art.

At the end of our boat tour, we returned to our cottage in Plaka to rest for a while — before going out for dinner and drinks around Plaka.

On top of cathedral in Milos Greece


We got dressed and went out around the city to enjoy a part of the night, since the following we were to get up early. There are many places where there is live music playing overlooking the Gulf of Milos, which is beautiful!


Paliorema mine in Milos Greece


On the last day we got up early to visit the sulfide mine of Paliorema — which It is an abandoned mine that not many people know about. The place, not known by many, holds a strong smell of sulfur. You have to be very careful to go there by car because the road is in very bad conditions. It is best to go with a 4x4 to stay safe. Here you can go for a swim in the cove below the ruins.

This is another very special and not so touristy area, that if you like the adventure it is a place you should not miss.

Tsigrado beach in Milos Greece


After going to the mine, we approached a small cove located in the south of the island of Milos. This little hidden beach goes for the name of Tsigrado — it is usually not very crowded, and you can probably discover it by yourself.

The most curious thing about this cove is that it can only be accessed through some very traditional wooden steps that are in a very narrow and dangerous crevice. It is worth it though, because it gives you the opportunity to see some incredible views and enjoy the beach all by yourself. In this cove, we rested for a good part of the day, until we headed to the last stop of our trip.

Klima village in Milos Greece


After spending most of the day between visiting the mine and enjoying the crystal clear waters of Tsigrado — we were exhausted — so we decided to rest for a while and then go see a small and beautiful village called Klima.

It is a small fishing village located at the foot of the cliff of Plaka. The contrast between the white whitewashed houses and the doors painted with bright colors is what makes this town unique and recognizible. Later, we returned to Plaka, and so ended our fourth and last day of our trip. Early the next day we would be heading home.

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Before you travel

  • Rent a 4x4 car, to be able to visit the different corners of the island in a faster and more agile way. There are some areas with slopes and rocks that can be a bit dangerous, so with this type of car, you will be much safer.
  • Remember to bring food and drink to the various beaches and coves of the island — they are usually remote and far from the more urban centers, so it may be difficult to find somewhere around to buy.
  • The city of Plaka is the best place to stay in, as it is the main city of the island. Take into account that it is a small place, with very narrow streets, so you will not be able to access it by car.

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Journey created by
Daniel Illescas Tropicfeel Explorer
Journey created by

Daniel Illescas

My name is Dani Illecscas, and my two great passions are sports and traveling. Since I was 16 years old I have dedicated myself to modeling and thanks to this, have been able to meet many people that work on what I love the most — documenting my travels and living extreme experiences. The trip that changed me the most, was the solo trip I did to Africa a few years ago — from that moment the view I had towards the world and my life changed entirely.
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