Avocado Rise

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Growing demand of avocado has given rise to illegal cultivation, and entire forests are being replaced by avocado farms. As a consequence, several species and natural resources have become endangered in one of the most unique forests in the world, Sierra De Bahoruco, listed as a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco.

"Showcasing the invisible problems of our unconscious world"

- Tropicfeel

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Our planet is a beautiful place. Together we can raise awareness of the silent crimes threatening its destruction and the initiatives attempting to save it. This documentary aims to inspire responsible consumption so we can keep discovering the natural beauty of our home.

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Along with making the documentary, the money raised through this campaign allowed us to provide exclusive limited-edition rewards, administer our crowdfunding project and help shape a better future.

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At Tropicfeel we believe the real story requires taking a step backwards. We want to start from the beginning, from where you need to be to understand the message. That's why we joined forces with Eldorado, to give voice to the people who live the story.